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10.Frankfurt-Start looking for a successor to David Abraham


You can also submit this document under "Martin Hinteregger's Better Partner". Abraham (34 years old) is currently one of the oldest outfield players in the Bundesliga, and his outstanding performance has also been praised. Martin Hinteregger (28 years old) is one of the best central defenders in the Bundesliga and should serve the team well in the next few years. However, a group of young people cannot fully inspire confidence. Evan N'Dicka (21 years old) is a bright spot in Eintracht's long-term position, but if they hope to recruit people younger than Hindi, then Die Adler can forgive him.

您也可以在“ Martin Hinteregger的更好的合作伙伴”下提交此文档。亚伯拉罕(34岁)目前是德甲最老的外场球员之一,他的出色表现也受到赞誉。马丁·辛特格格(Martin Hinteregger,现年28岁)是德甲联赛中最好的中后卫之一,并且在接下来的几年中应该为球队提供良好的服务。但是,一群年轻人无法充分激发信心。埃文·恩迪卡(Evan N'Dicka,现年21岁)是Eintracht长期职位的一个亮点,但如果他们希望招募比印地语年轻的人,那么Die Adler可以原谅他。

11.Freiburg-looking for other offensive midfielders


In my words, it will be difficult for this team to truly replace Luka Waldschmidt. In order to replace the striker, Freiburg has introduced a young player from Deportivo Alaves, Emedin Dmirovic to pair with Niels Peterson. Freiburg used part of Waldschmidt's funds to introduce French defensive midfielder Batiste Santamaria from Angers. Now, they need to focus on the offensive part of the midfield. Their only CAM is a borrower from Spartak Moscow, a young man from the Netherlands, Guus Til. The additional personnel in this position may not harm them.

用我的话来说,这支球队很难真正取代卢卡·沃尔德施密特。为了替换前锋,弗莱堡引进了来自拉科鲁尼亚队的年轻球员埃米尔·迪米罗维奇和尼尔斯·彼得森。弗赖堡利用Waldschmidt的部分资金引进了来自昂热的法国防守型中场球员Batiste Santamaria。现在,他们需要专注于中场的进攻部分。他们唯一的CAM是来自莫斯科斯巴达克(Spartak Moscow)的借款人,他是荷兰的年轻人Guus Til。担任该职位的其他人员可能不会伤害他们。

12. Hertha Berlin-Spend money to support the midfielder

12.柏林赫塔(Hertha Berlin)-花钱支持中场

I don't think it is a good idea to let Ondrej Duda leave Cologne. But then again, Hertha does not need another offense. Now they have only four players in the midfield. Although Lucas Tousart and Santiago Ascacíbar can well suppress defensive midfielders, the only midfield reinforcements left are stronger than Flacki Mir Darida (Vladimir Darida) and young Arne Maier (Arne Maier). That's it. Hertha would be forgiven for wanting to add depth here.

我认为让Ondrej Duda离开科隆不是个好主意。但是话又说回来,赫塔不需要其他进攻。现在他们在中场只有四个球员。尽管卢卡斯·图萨尔特(Lucas Tousart)和圣地亚哥·阿斯卡巴尔(SantiagoAscacíbar)可以很好地压制防守型中场球员,但剩下的仅有的中场增援力量要比弗拉基·米尔·达里达(Vlackimir Darida)和年轻的阿内·迈耶(Arne Maier)强。而已。 Hertha想​​要在这里增加深度会被原谅。

13. Hoffenheim-Get a real left back/left back


Hoffenheim's bottom line is a mystery to me. Last week, they played a 3-4-1-2 position with Pavel Kaderabek, with the right back playing on the left side of the midfielder No. 4. On the right wing, they used the center of Kevin Akpoguma. Left back Konstantinos Stafylidis is currently out due to a shoulder injury, but regardless of his health, it is not a good idea to have only one left back. If they seem to work hard enough and consider Hoffenheim's reputation to cultivate talent, then they can find some bargains here. This might be a good idea. 14. Leipzig-high price sale

霍芬海姆的底线对我来说是个谜。上周,他们在帕维尔·卡德拉贝克(Pavel Kaderabek)的比赛中打出3-4-1-2的位置,右后卫在4号中场的左侧打球。在右翼,他们使用了凯文·阿克古古玛(Kevin Akpoguma)的中锋。左后卫Konstantinos Stafylidis由于肩膀受伤目前不在场,但无论他的健康状况如何,只剩一个左后卫都不是一个好主意。如果他们似乎努力工作,并考虑霍芬海姆的声誉来培养人才,那么他们可以在这里找到便宜货。这可能是个好主意。 14.莱比锡高价出售

If I had written this article last week, I would scream that they must be forwards. They let go of Matheus Cunha last winter, but it was disappointing that they failed to catch Patrik Schick. However, they have made great progress in the form of Norway's Alexander Solos (24). Now, what Leipzig needs to do is to use their young talents. There are rumors that Ibrahima Konate (Ibrahima Konate) moved, but injury will not let him leave this window. On the other hand, Dayot Upamecano has been the subject of transfer rumors all summer. Moving to Manchester United may still be his choice. To

如果我上周写过这篇文章,我会大声疾呼他们必须是转发的。他们去年冬天放开了Matheus Cunha,但令人失望的是他们未能抓到Patrik Schick。但是,他们以挪威的亚历山大·索洛斯(Alexander Solos)的形式取得了巨大进步(24)。现在,莱比锡需要做的是利用他们的年轻才华。有传言说易卜拉希玛·科纳特(Ibrahima Konate)感动了,但是伤势不会让他离开这个窗口。另一方面,Dayot Upamecano整个夏天都是转会谣言的话题。搬到曼联可能仍然是他的选择。至

15. Schalke 04-They won't get anyone, but they should strengthen logistics


The team needs to strengthen logistics services, which they only needed yesterday. Ozan Kabak has become the center of King Königsblauen, but apart from him, his defensive ability is very weak. The injury to Matija Nastasic and Salif Sané did not help, but I don't think they will improve the bottom line anyway. The defense is old, dull, and uninspired, and they need new blood from outside the club to help them. Rumor has it that reuniting with Arsenal's left-back Sead Kolasinac will not solve this problem.

团队需要加强物流服务,而昨天才需要。奥赞·卡巴克(Ozan Kabak)已成为国王柯尼斯堡(Königsblauen)的中心,但除了他之外,他的防守能力也很弱。 Matija Nastasic和SalifSané的受伤没有帮助,但我认为他们无论如何都不会提高底线。防守是古老,乏味且缺乏灵感的,他们需要俱乐部外部的新血帮助他们。有传言说与阿森纳的左后卫西德·科拉西纳克团聚不会解决这个问题。

16. Stuttgart-looking for a real replacement for Mario Gomez


Their bottom line does not inspire confidence, but it does not matter. The bad thing is that the club lost the soul of the team just to retire. Replacing Mario Gomez is always difficult, but they did not find a substitute for him this summer, but stood in front of the forward. This leaves the burden of production to Sasa Kalajdzic (23) and Hamadi Al Ghaddioui (30). For this team, this is a difficult place, and I wouldn't be surprised if they struggle hard because of inaction.

他们的底线并不能激发信心,但这并不重要。坏消息是俱乐部只是为了退休而失去了球队的灵魂。替换马里奥·戈麦斯(Mario Gomez)总是很困难,但是今年夏天他们没有找到替代他的人,而是站在前锋的前面。这将生产负担留给了Sasa Kalajdzic(23)和Hamadi Al Ghaddioui(30)。对于这个团队来说,这是一个艰难的地方,如果他们因为无所作为而奋斗,我也不会感到惊讶。

17. Werder Bremen-looking for leadership


I really don't know to see it from the Bremen team (except for looking away). I see a team that should attract all talents, and a promising young manager, and I don’t understand why they can’t bring them together. They have some great veterans, don't get me wrong. Names like Omer Toprak, Davy Klaassen and Niklas Moisander should all serve the team. But... I don't know that this team really seems to be missing something. They may not have time to figure out what it is before the end of the window, but maybe they can solve it by January.

我真的不知道从不来梅团队那里看到它(除了看着别处)。我看到一支应该吸引所有才能的团队和一名有前途的年轻经理,而且我不明白为什么他们不能将他们聚集在一起。他们有一些老将,别误会我的意思。像Omer Toprak,Davy Klaassen和Niklas Moisander这样的人都应该为球队服务。但是...我不知道这支球队似乎真的缺少什么。他们可能没有时间弄清楚窗口结束之前的情况,但也许他们可以在一月份之前解决它。

18.Wolfsburg-find someone in the midfield to inspire fans


This is different from Bremen. Bremen has some excellent talents to suppress their midfielders, while some of Wolfsburg have performed well, but not many others. Not to mention, they only have five midfielders in total. Names such as Yannick Gerhardt, Max Arnold, and Josuha Guilavogui are not the most inspiring, but they offer results. There are many people in the free agency market who can bring some excitement and vitality to this team, and they can be found in Wolfsburg. Letong Sports takes you to see more sports information.

这与不来梅不同。不来梅具有压制中场的出色才能,而沃尔夫斯堡的一些球员表现不错,但其他球员则很少。更不用说,他们总共只有五个中场。诸如Yannick Gerhardt,Max Arnold和Josuha Guilavogui之类的名字虽然不是最鼓舞人心的,但它们提供了结果。自由球员市场上有很多人可以为这支球队带来兴奋和活力,他们可以在沃尔夫斯堡找到。 Letong Sports带您查看更多运动信息。

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